G7 Summit

Organized by PEIAC, Beijing Printing Association, The Hong Kong Printers Association and Idealliance

The 2ndAsia G7 Summit –
Global Printing Standardization

Presented by Distinguished Overseas Experts and G7 Master
Discuss the application of G7, the benefits from adopting G7 and
How to effectively reach global standard

G7 is a color control and printing calibration method developed by Idealliance in US in 2006 which helps printers to reach ISO 12647 standard in a more effective way. Most importantly, G7 can be applied to all types of 4C printing like commercial printing, newsprint, flexo and digital printing. This is a new way to look at color by focusing on colorimetric data for grey balance in the mid-tones rather than on the densitometric aims (TVI) for each color.

“G7 Summit” is an annual event of Idealliance in US and is organized in GRAPH EXPO in US. Advanced Printing Technology Centre (APTEC), as a subsidiary of The Hong Kong Printers Association, is the exclusive partner of Idealliance in the Greater China Region since 2007 and is dedicating to promote G7 and printing standardization. G7 becomes well-known in Greater China and Asia in recent years. There are over 140 G7 Masters in Greater China now.

With reference to the success of “Hong Kong Summit – Global Printing Standardization” organized by The Hong Kong Printers Association on Jun 17 and "The 1st Asia G7 Summit – Global Printing Standardization” organized by The Hong Kong Printers Association and Idealliance on Nov 15 in 2011, which attracted more than 600 participants and 250 participants respectively; we plan to organise the 2nd Asia G7 Summit to further promote G7 and printing standardization to the industry.

Overseas Speakers
Mr. David Steinhardt Mr. Steve Smiley

Organizers :
Beijing Printing Association
The Hong Kong Printers Association
Co-Organizer :
China Print Show Company Limited.
Implementing Agent :
Advanced Printing Technology Centre
Supporting Organizations :
Wuhan University
C & C Joint Printing Co., (Beijing) Ltd.
Hong Kong Design Institute
Pro-Act Training and Development Centre (Printing)
Sponsors :
Konica Minolta
Graphic Measures International Limited
Wilson (Hong Kong) LTD.

Date 15th May 2013 (Wednesday)
Time 9:30am – 4:30pm
Venue Meeting Room W-105, General Service Building, New China International Exhibition Center (In China Print venue)
Participant Fee Free-of-charge
Interpretation Consecutive interpretation (Mandarin / Eng)
Registration Please fill in the form and then fax back to
(852) 3928-2546 or email to aptec@vtc.edu.hk
**Due to limited seats, maximum 3 enrolments for each company**

G7 & Global Standards
    Mr. Steve Smiley
  • Expert of ISO TC130 / WG2, WG3, WG4
  • Chairman of Print Properties and Colorimetrics Council, Idealliance US
  • Speaker of “Hong Kong Summit – Global Printing Standardization
Global Impact of G7
    Mr. David Steinhardt
  • President & Chief Excutive Officer of Idealliance US
Konica Minolta’s inter-device color management?
    Mr. Motokado Shinichiro
  • Senior Manager , PP Controller Development Division, Production Printing Products System Control Development Center, Konica Minolta Inc.
G7 Master Program in Greater China
    Ms. Brenda Pang
  • Executive Director, Advanced Printing Technology Centre/ Idealliance China
Process Control in Pressroom
    Mr. Zhang Xianfeng
  • Department Manager of Printing Technical Department, Beijing Artron Color Printing Co., Ltd.
G7 in Quality Control
    Mr. Lewis Lam Tung Nam
  • Technical Specialist, Advanced Printing Technology Centre
  • G7 Expert and G7 PC Expert

Advanced Printing Technology Centre / Idealliance China
Tel (852) 3928-2549
Contact Person Ms Mandy Sham
Email aptec@vtc.edu.hk
Website http://www.idealliance-china.org/G7_Summit

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