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G7 Expert Certification (Sheetfed Offset Printing)

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    About G7 Expert Certification

    It will be started with an overview of the G7 press calibration process. A new way to look at color by focusing on colorimetric data for grey balance in the mid-tones rather than on the densitometric aims (TVI) for each color will be introduced. Participant will learn to calculate the Highlight Range (HR), Shadow Contrast, Highlight Contrast, and so on. Using the graph paper method and IDEAlink Curve or Curve 3 software, participant will learn how to draw Neutral Print Density Curve (NPDC) to calculate curve correction values in order to create proofs using the G7 methodology. Participant will acquire the knowledge to use the methodology on press to force the press to G7 neutral print density curves for high quality commercial offset printing and to calibrate the proofing systems. After that, participant has to attend an examination. The title of “Certified G7 Expert” will be given once the participant passes the examination.

    Date : 16/9 – 19/9/2014 (Tue to Fri)
    Speaker : Mr. Ron Ellis (Chair of IDEAlliance GRACoL Working Group)
    Venue : 16-17/9/2014,19/9/2014
    Advanced Printing Technology Centre –
    Room D004a, Hong Kong Design Institute, 3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O,
    New Territories, Hong Kong
    Pro-Act Training and Development Centre (Printing) -
    3/F, VTC Kowloon Bay Complex, 46 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Time : 9:30am – 5:30pm
    Language : English (Simultaneous interpretation to Putonghua. Cantonese explanation when necessary.)

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    About IDEAlliance-China Member

    Applicants for G7 Expert in Greater China Region including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau must be an IDEAlliance-China Corporate or Individual Member.

    · Individual Member: G7 Expert who is independent technical consultant and is not a staff of any printing enterprise should apply as an Individual Member. As Individual Member, only personal information will be uploaded to IDEAlliance and IDEAlliance-China websites (without company name). Annual membership fee: HK$1,800.Applicant is required to pay for 2-year membership (i.e. HK$3,600).
    · Corporate Member: G7 Expert who is a technical professional employed by a printing enterprise with multi-plants should apply as a Corporate Member. As Corporate Member, the company name and contacts will be uploaded to IDEAlliance and IDEAlliance-China websites. Annual membership fee: HK$3,500. Applicant is required to pay for 2-year membership fee (i.e. HK$7,000).

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    Applicant Requirements

    · The applicant must pass the entrance test.
    · The applicant must have proven experience and knowledge in digital color management and pressroom. IDEAlliance-China / APTEC will pre-qualify all applications from the Greater China Region and recommend successful applicants to IDEAlliance. IDEAlliance-China / APTEC reserve the right of final decision in the recruitment process.
    · Maximum 2 seats are offered to each company due to limited seats for each class.

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    Certification Fee

    · G7 Expert Certification fee: HK$19,500 (USD2,500) / head*
    *Lunch is included

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    Applicant will be certified as “G7 Expert”after completing the G7 Expert Certification provided by IDEAlliance and passes the examination. Certification offered by organizations outside IDEAlliance will not fulfill certification requirements.

    · G7 Expert Certification: Four-day with a written examination to be held on the last day.
    · Examination: G7 Expert must attend the examination on the last day.
    · Passing Mark: G7 Expert must obtain 90% or above of the total score.
    · Re-Examination: if the participant fails the examination, re-examination will be provided on the next day the soonest after the completion of the certification (i.e. 20/9/2014) or within a month after the completion of the certification.

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    Validity of the qualifications and Re-certification

    G7 Expert qualification is valid for 2 years. After 2 years, re-certification with passing the examination is required for the renewal.

    · Re-certification: Written examination is arranged by IDEAlliance-China in every 2 years.
    · G7 Expert Re-certification Fee: HK$2,340(USD300)

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    About G7 Expert
    G7 Expert – Individual or independent technical consultants, or technical professional employed by a printing enterprise with multi-plants. G7 Expert is authorized to act as the certification agents for G7 Master Printers or Proof Professional Programs like training or certification. G7 Experts Logo
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    Obligations of G7 Expert

    As a G7 Expert, they must have the followings obligations:

    · Provide G7 Training and on-site certification to at least one company annually
    · Participate to the G7-related activities organized by IDEAlliance-China, for examples G7 Expert/ G7 Master Conferences, seminars etc.

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    Application Procedure

    · Please complete the application form and submit via email to emilyau@aptec.hkprinters.org. An entrance test will be arranged after verification. Once you pass the entrance test and receive our confirmation, certification fee and IDEAlliance-China membership fee for 2 years have to be settled before 16th August 2014.
    · By bank remittance or bank transfer(Please provide the remittance or bank transfer statement):
    · Bank: Hang Seng Bank Limited
    · Address: 70 Yue Man Square, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, H.K.
    · Account no.: 024-388-741472-001
    · Account name: Advanced Printing Technology Centre Limited
    · Swift code: HASEHKHH
    · Please pay HK$300 (USD39) on top of the certification and examination fee and IDEAlliance-China Membership fee for the bank service charge of each bank remittance from the regions and nations out of Hong Kong
    · Transaction in Hong Kong:
    · If transfer from Hang Seng Bank, no need to charge the bank service charge HK$50 (USD7).
    · If transfer from other bank, please add HK$50 (USD7) on top of the fee for the bank service charge.

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    Enquiry & Forms download

    Advanced Printing Technology Centre / IDEAlliance-China
    Tel (852) 3928-2545
    Contact Person Ms Emily Au
    Email emilyau@aptec.hkprinters.org
    Website http://www.idealliance-china.org

    Download Application Form
    Download Application Form

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